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Benefits of Value Card Alliance

Value Card Alliance offers to our members the strongest customer support system and membership base in the industry.  Even though we can offer over 36,000 businesses and still be the fastest growing trade exchange, we believe our single biggest asset is the training we give to our team to provide customer service to our members.  We offer a 24 hour live hot line for transactions in addition to a corporate headquarters open 6 days per week to service your business needs.

Boost Sales

Value Card Alliance members prefer to purchase goods and services using VCA Trade Dollars within the VCA trade exchange system as opposed to non-member suppliers who only deal in cash.  This results in increased sales opportunities for members and new customers outside the normal geographic market because VCA members go out of their way to buy from other VCA members.  Members realize a great member referral business from VCA partners.

Boost Your Customer Base

Your Value Card Alliance team will bring to you incremental business that you are not currently reaching. VCA members tend to look within their own network for the services and goods that they need. This will bring you additional business that you did not already have.

Boost Cash Flow

Members can pay for business expenses with their VCA Trade Dollars, thereby conserving cash for unscheduled expenditures and investment into the growth of their business.

Geographically Expand Your Customer Base

VCA members can cost-effectively expand their business market reach by using VCA's national and global directory service, in addition to easily being able to market your business around the world.  Value Card Alliance members can also use our international network of network links provided, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Our exclusive international partnership with infinite barter offers to you the only trade exchange that can provide a unique link to a business with consumer trade.

Value Card Alliance Offers Personal Trade Brokers

Every business within the VCA network is assigned a personal trade broker.  Your trade broker will help you to utilize your VCA relationship to give you the greatest benefit.  Your trade broker will work as an extension of your company for you to research and help find the items that you need.

The Strength of Value Card Alliance

The cost to generate the VCA trade dollar is an important underlying benefit experienced by businesses worldwide.  Many fixed costs of producing goods or services are covered through cash sales, meaning the cost of generating and fulfilling a VCA sale is your cost of good or service sold.  Therefore, when you purchase goods or services using VCA, although you pay the ticket or market price, you are actually paying for your purchase with your own inventory--which costs you wholesale.  In effect, each time you spend a trade dollar, you save whatever your markup profit margin is!  This is the power of the VCA Trade Dollar.

Online Services

Value Card Alliance offers a range of online services to facilitate easy trading.  Some of these are:

  • *24 hour online barter store
  • *Virtual store at www.vcamarketplace.com
  • *Online directory
  • *Access to opt in to our MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts
  • *Exclusive access to Infinite Barter-- consumer to business trade site
  • *24 hour online travel bookings on trade to over 3500 resorts worldwide
  • *Online banner ads on the VCA international site
  • *Up-to-the-minute access to your statement at any time, transactions, and balance information
  • *Online transaction processing available 24 hours per day
  • *Gift certificate ordering through the VCA office 24 hours per day-- shipped within one business day around the world.


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